Zwei-Fach-Bachelor (Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Science)

The concept of this degree program allows students to study two majors on equal footing and enables them to acquire sought-after key skills. Students can also study an elective subject and participate in studium generale courses in order to help them select individual areas of specialization and develop their own personal profile.

The degree program lasts 6 semesters and culminates in a degree as a first professional qualification. The Bachelor program enables graduates to enter the professional world directly after qualifying or to carry on studying in a suitable Master’s degree program.

The ‘Studying with Profile’ program accompanies and supports students throughout the entire degree program. It includes, among other things, coaching options for orientation and as a decision-making aid during the degree program, instruments for skill assessment, workshops on obtaining employment and advice on planning the degree program schedule as part of the profile area.

Internships, which generally take place between the 2nd and the start of the 6th semester, provide assistance with regard to orientation and possible career choices. They contribute towards planning and designing the best possible entry to the professional world.

The degree program provides for a mobility window so that one semester can be taken abroad regardless of the choice of subjects. This is possible without any change to the duration of the degree program.

Core subjects

The degree program comprises studying two core subjects as well as the profile area. Generally speaking, core subjects can be combined as desired, although restrictions apply to certain subjects (see table).

A total of 180 credits is required for the successful completion of the degree program. 50-60 credits must be acquired in each of the two core subjects. The Bachelor’s dissertation is written on one of the two core subjects. If the dissertation subject is in the field of natural sciences or mathematics as a core subject, the academic degree of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) will be awarded. If the dissertation is written on a subject relating to culture and the arts, the degree of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) will be awarded.

Core subject


Restrictions apply

Anglistik x
Evangelische Theologie x
Germanistik x x
Geschichte x
Katholische Theologie x
Management und Ökonomie x
Mathematik x
Musikwissenschaft x
Philosophie x2 x
Physik x
Psychologie x4 x
Soziologie x4 x
Core subjectLandauRestrictions apply
Allgemeine Erziehungswissenschaft x4 x
Anglistik x
Betriebspädagogik/ Personalentwicklung x
Evangelische Theologie x
Frankreich-Studien x
Geographie: Landnutzungskonflikte x x
Germanistik x x
Katholische Theologie x
Kunstwissenschaft und Bildende Kunst x1
Mathematik x
Naturschutzbiologie x x
Philosophie x
Physik x
Politikwissenschaft x3
Sportwissenschaft x1
Soziologie x3,4
Umweltchemie x
Wirtschaftswissenschaften x

1 Applicants must sit an aptitude test prior to admission

2 Only in combination with Physics as a core subject (Experimental and Theoretical physics) and the elective subject of Practical Physics

3 The core subjects of Political Science, Business Management and Sociology cannot be combined

4 The degree program starts in the winter semester only

5 Only in combination with Catholic or Protestant theology, History or Psychology


You can obtain information on the study course content of core subjects from the appendix to the examination regulations or from the contact partners in the relevant faculty.



Degree program content
  • Study of two largely freely combinable core subjects
  • Elective subject
  • Compulsory elective area for acquiring key skills
  • Studium generale
  • Mobility window enabling a period of study abroad
  • Internships
Study location
  • Koblenz campus
  • Landau campus
Admission requirements
  • General university entrance qualification (German Abitur) or an equivalent recognized qualification
Admission restrictions
  • Admission restrictions for specific subjects
Start of degree program
  • Usually winter semester and summer semester
Application deadlines
  • 15 January and 15 July
Degree program duration
  • The standard period of study is 6 semesters
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)/Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Consecutive Master’s degrees
  • Master’s degree programs are being designed as part of the university’s future strategy concept
Student advice
  • Landau Student Advice Office


  • Koblenz Student Advice Office


  • General Student Advice in Koblenz, Petra Meinerz


  • General Student Advice in Landau, Sarah Hummerich


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