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Weiterbildungsstudiengang in Psychologischer Psychotherapie

The continuing education degree program in Psychologischer Psychotherapie is designed for those who have a degree (diploma, Master of Science) in the field of psychology and who wish to practice psychotherapy (behavioral therapy).

Training during the course is practice-oriented and patient-related and is based on a scientific foundation. The degree program conforms to the requirements of the Psychotherapeutengesetz (PsychThG) and the Training and Examination Regulations for Psychologische Psychotherapeuten (PsychTh-APrV). The degree program conveys basic knowledge of scientifically recognized psychotherapeutic methods. It also provides specialized training in behavioral therapy.

Graduates are enabled to work independently:

  • when it comes to the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of illnesses of pathological relevance where psychotherapy is indicated, and
  • treat psychological factors of physical illnesses in the light of medical findings on the patient’s physical status and social circumstances


Degree program content
  • Theoretical training (600 hours)
  • Self-experience (120 hours)
  • Practical activities (1,800 hours)
  • Practical training (600 hours)
  • Supervision (150 hours)
Study location
  • Landau
Admission requirements
  • A diploma or Master’s degree in Psychology with a specialization in clinical psychology
  • Practical experience in the field of therapy (including internships)
  • Applicant interview
Participant fee
  • €12,810 (plus student contributions)
Start of the degree program
  • April
Application deadline
  • End of September
Degree program duration
  • 3 years (full-time) or 5 years (part-time)
  • Final state examination; license to practice and Certificate of Specialist Training for Psychological Psychotherapy specializing in behavioral therapy
Academic advisor
  • Dr. Alexandra Zaby
Further information