Computervisualistik (Master of Science)

The Master’s degree program in Computervisualistik builds on the Bachelor’s degree program in Computervisualistik or the Bachelor’s degree program in Informatik and qualifies graduates for working in autonomous and executive positions. In addition to extending specialized knowledge, the degree program focuses on promoting self-dependency as well as the ability to judge and make decisions – important prerequisites for executive positions in commerce and research.

Computervisualistik is a special computer science degree program with a focus on the computer and its visual aspects. The emphasis is on computer graphics and image processing as well as interdisciplinary subjects with a visual context, such as art and design esthetics, visual psychology and the didactics of images. There is also an option to select Mobile Systems Engineering as a specialization.

The continuing boom in new media means that graduates of this Computervisualistik program have excellent prospects with regard to the employment market. Potential employers include large corporations where processes are increasingly being converted to image processing and visualization systems as well as in young and innovative enterprises in the creative, multi-media environment. Graduates with a Master’s degree in Computervisualistik can also enroll to take a doctorate.


Degree program content
  • Computer science of systems
  • Image processing
  • Computer graphics
  • Practical computer science
  • Mathematics
  • Esthetics
  • Project management
  • Team and leadership training
Study location
  • Koblenz campus
Admission requirements
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Visualization or Computer Science or an equivalent degree with the grade ‘Good’ (at least 2.5) or better.
  • Graduates with the grade ‘Satisfactory’ may be admitted if a positive study prognosis can be assumed.
Admission restrictions
  • None
Start of the degree program
  • Winter semester and summer semester
Application deadline
  • By the start of lectures (mid-October/mid-April)
Degree program duration
  • The standard period of study is 4 semesters
  • Master of Science (M.Sc.)
  • Accredited by ASIIN to Sept. 30, 2019
Academic advisor
  • Bastian Krayer
Further information