Environmental Sciences (Master of Science)

To cover the need for environmental specialists, the program "Master of Science in Environmental Sciences" at the University of Koblenz-Landau (Landau Campus) provides a research-oriented, unique blend in the core disciplines of natural sciences (including environmental chemistry, landscape and applied ecology) complemented by selected aspects of social sciences such as environmental economics. Students can acquire advanced methodical skills, a profound understanding of environmental problems across different scales from molecules to landscapes, and the capacity to develop solutions for these complex, interdisciplinary problems.

The interdisciplinary nature of environmental sciences opens a wide range of career tracks. Graduates are excellently prepared for science-based careers in research institutions - including the pursuit of a PhD, - governmental agencies, industry and political organizations.


Course Contents
  • The master's program comprises four semesters of full-time study with a total amount of 120 ECTS. The program features five mandatory modules that provide a solid knowledge and wide background of the main disciplines and methods of environmental sciences (28 ECTS).
  • Students then follow their preferred path by choosing eight modules from elective subjects (48 ECTS): environmental analysis, socioeconomics & environmental management, soil systems, chemicals in the environment, applied ecology, aquatic systems, landscapes & scales and modelling. Additionally, one optional module (6 ECTS) from the course catalogue must be chosen.
  • A six-week research and training internship (8 ECTS) at a research institute, governmental or industrial partner in Germany or abroad offers practical work experience and allows students to gather international experiences if they decide to undertake their internship abroad.
  • The master's thesis (30 ECTS) in the chosen field of interest covers the final 6 months and completes the program.
    • Campus Landau
    Admission Requirements
    • A bachelor degree in Environmental Sciences (or equivalent program with a focus on natural sciences) with a minimum final grade of “good” (e.g., 2.5 on a 6.0 scale or 3.0 on a 4.0 scale).
    • or
    • A bachelor degree or a at least 6 semesters of a study programm which covers the required knowledge with a minimum final grade of "good"
    • In specific justified cases, a decision can be made regardless of the grade
    • Good active and passive English language skills are essential (level B2 of the European reference framework). Proficiency of German is not a requirement for application.
    Local admission restrictions
    • No limited admissions
      • Winter term
      Deadline for applications
      • 15. July
      • Due to the long mailing times and visa application process, we strongly advise international applicants in their own interest to apply for the Program as early as possible, at the latest by beginning of June (for winter term).
      Duration of studies
      • 4 semesters
      • 6 weeks research and training intership (by choice in Germany or abroad)
      • Master of Science (M.Sc.)
      • Accredited by Evalag until 2021
      Further Information