Informationsmanagement (Master of Science)

International and strategic: The Master’s degree program in Informationsmanagement extends and deepens the content of the Bachelor’s degree program. It is aimed at prospective students who wish to extend their academic skills, hone their qualification by developing their profile and continue with their personal development following the successful conclusion of a Bachelor’s degree program.

Students have the option to select personal specializations in the fields of business administration and business informatics. The courses in business administration address topics of relevance to management and that are specific to the segment to qualify students to work in independent and executive positions. Courses such as International management, International business relations and International law as well as study time abroad prepare students for a career in an international environment.

It should be emphasized that the degree program also offers students the opportunity - with the support of the Institute of Management - to engage with the topic of enterprise foundation and to establish businesses.

The combination of business administration and computer science is also highly appealing to enterprises. Master’s degree graduates start their careers in IT-related positions with leading organizations of national and international repute. It is an interesting professional environment with varied activities such as designing and developing IT systems, evaluating the commercial and organizational potential of modern information technology, active management of corporate processes, product management, and designing risk management and risk control measures. Graduates with a Master’s degree in Computer Science may apply for admission to a doctoral degree program.


Degree program content
  • Business administration
  • Business informatics
  • Law

Specialization options in the following areas

  • Business administration (finance and economics, Information technology and management or marketing and empirical research) and
  • Business informatics (application systems in business and administration or communication systems and security)
Study location
  • Koblenz campus
Admission requirements
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Informationsmanagement or an equivalent degree with the grade ‘Good’ (at least 2.5) or better
Admission restrictions
  • None
Start of the degree program
  • Winter semester and summer semester
Application deadline
  • By the start of lectures (mid-October/mid-April)
Degree program duration
  • The standard period of study is 4 semesters
  • Master of Science (M.Sc.)
  • Accredited by ASIIN to Sept. 30, 2019
Academic advisor
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