Erziehungswissenschaft (Master of Arts) Landau

The Master’s degree program in Erziehungswissenschaft at the Landau campus will begin for the first time in the winter semester 2014/15. It is designed to extend the practical and academic knowledge and educational skills acquired in a Bachelor’s degree program in Erziehungswissenschaft.

The degree program should enable you to:

  • Analyze education and teaching processes or those of educational institutions and to design and improve them with a view to social, economic and political conditions
  • Methodically analyze, research and independently resolve problems in the task areas and institutions of the partial degree program from an educational science perspective
  • Organize and implement projects in the fields of pedagogics and educational science in a professional manner, i.e. with a focus on cooperation and communication
  • Undertake systematic problem investigation and resolution and make educational decisions on the basis of sound professional knowledge
  • Engage in independent research in educational fields of activity

The Master’s degree program in Erziehungswissenschaft will qualify you for professions in the field of education, in particular in teaching and learning and in commercial and business contexts (e.g. personnel training, organizational development, management). Furthermore, you will also be qualified for formative and, given experience, executive positions in educational and social administration (e.g. in ministries or supra-regional funding organizations). Differentiated and comprehensive methodical training intended to give you the best possible start to an academic career rounds off the specific qualification profile of the Master’s degree at Landau University.


Degree program content


  • Specialized subjects (partial courses): Your choice of Corporate Education/Personal Development, Education in early Childhood or Special Needs Education
  • Other subjects: General educational science and various options for selecting individual specializations and for profile formation with regard to compulsory electives, for instance in the fields of intercultural education, media pedagogy, virtual education, etc.


Study location
  • Landau campus
Admission requirements
  • A Bachelor’s degree in an Erziehungswissenschaft discipline with comparable specializations with a grade of at least 2.5 or better (your application should otherwise include a letter of motivation) or a comparable qualification.
Admission restrictions
  • Restrictions apply
Start of the degree program
  • Winter semester and summer semester
Degree program duration
  • July 15 or January 15
  • Master of Arts (M.A.)
  • Accredited by AQAS to Sept. 30, 2017
Academic advisor
Further information