Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems (Master of Science)

Complex, cross-linked systems pervade our daily life, e.g. in natural sciences, engineering, life sciences, or logistics. The key to tackle the challenges imposed by these systems is mathematical modeling in a broad sense, which is based on a profound knowledge of

  • mathematics
  • physics
  • computer science.

The goal of this program is to train talented graduate students to become "experts mastering a repertoire of modern mathematical and computer-based methods for modeling, simulating and optimizing complex systems and knowing how to combine those methods for solving real-world problems".

The innovative, interdisciplinary and research-oriented two-year M.Sc. program Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems is fully taught in English and aims at both, international and German students. A mix of advanced courses, interdisciplinary project seminars and electives mirrors many of the demands imposed by complex systems. Besides technical excellence in multiple disciplines such as mathematics, physics, and computer science, the program fosters a bandwidth of secondary skills, thus shaping comprehensively trained graduates.

Having experienced this unique program in mathematical modeling, graduates will be generalists rather than specialists: with a wide spectrum of knowledge and skills, they will be the versatile and conjunctive backbone of interdisciplinary teams coping with future challenges. Consequently, they find interesting positions in major companies addressing such as engineering, consulting, or finance.

Alternatively, a Ph.D. degree in mathematics, physics, or computer science in Koblenz, in Germany, or abroad may be pursued.


Course Contents
  • Courses in applied mathematics, applied physics and computer-based  methods needed for advanced modeling, simulation and optimization of complex systems
  • Electives allow for setting an individual focus
  • Possibility of studying a term abroad, e.g. within the ECMI-network (
  • Campus Koblenz
Admission Requirements
  • B.Sc. or equivalent in Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Computer Science or related fields (e.g. Mechanical/Automobil/Software Engineering)
  • We expect a knowledge of English equivalent to CEF B2 level.
  • Winter and Summer Term
Deadline for Application
  • June 15th (for winter term) and December 15th (for summer term) for applicants from non-EU countries
  • July 15th (for winter term) and January 15th (for summer term) for applicants from EU countries
  • Due to the long mailing times and visa-application process, we strongly advise international applicants in their own interest to apply for the program as early as possible, at the latest by beginning of May (for winter term) or beginning of November (for the summer term).
    • 4 semesters
    • Master of Science (M.Sc.)
      • Accredited by ZEvA until 2020
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