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Wirtschaftsinformatik (Master of Science)

The research-oriented Master’s degree program in Wirtschaftsinformatik builds on the Bachelor’s degree program in Wirtschaftsinformatik, Informatik or Informationsmanagement.

It is aimed at prospective students who wish to improve their skills in the classic areas of specialization and multi-disciplinary subjects in the field of business informatics.

The Master’s degree program takes a deeper look at academic aspects of the uses of computer science techniques in business and administration. Special emphasis is placed on information technology and its development, provision and operational integration. The Master’s degree program in Wirtschaftsinformatik broadens and deepens specialized knowledge with a special focus on issues of information system design and implementation; it enables students to carry out independent academic research and lays the foundations for further developing specialized knowledge. In particular, the degree program qualifies graduates for working in independent and executive roles and is characterized by its academic approach, promotion of self-reliance, judgment and decision-making skills and its closeness to research.

Degree program graduates are double-experts in information technology and the business environment and as such are much sought-after as leaders of work groups and departments responsible for business processes. The Master’s degree also qualifies graduates to study for a doctorate.


Degree program content

Application areas:

  • Corporate communication systems and mobile value-adding services
  • Corporate application systems for e-commerce such as CMS, ERP systems (SAP), CRM systems
  • ITC in the public sector

Multi-disciplinary areas:

  • Empirical methods
  • IT security and IT risk management
Digital communication
Study location
  • Koblenz campus
Admission requirements
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Wirtschaftsinformatik, Informatik or Informationsmanagement or an equivalent degree with the grade ‘Good’ (at least 2.5) or better.
  • The examination committee will decide on exceptions on a case by case basis
Admission restrictions
  • None
Start of the degree program
  • Winter semester and summer semester
Application deadline
  • By the start of lectures (mid-October/mid-April)
Degree program duration
  • The standard period of study is 4 semesters
  • Master of Science (M.Sc.)
  • Accredited by ASIIN to Sept. 30, 2019
Academic advisor
Further information