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What is a Double-Master-Degree?

Double-master degrees offer qualified students to get a Master of Science degree both at their home university and at the University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany. The goal of the Double-Master-Degree program is to allow students to gain from study contents of two partner universities and to receive an international master degree from both universities. The content of the respective master programs are specifically set up to complement each other.

The study concept

Students from partner universities will be additionally registered at the University of Koblenz-Landau for two or three semestes. The complete master programs will be in English and is provided via online modules. The students can continue their studies at their home university while participating in the online courses and do not have to relocate to Germany. The students are supervised by their teachers via an online platform and can get into regular contact with teachers and supervisors during online consultation times.

The content of the double master will be composed according to the students background. All exams will also be conducted at the home university.

The overall costs for the Double-Master-Degree program will be around 600 € per year (2 semesters) including university registration fees.

Why apply for the Double-Master-Degree Program?

  1. Get an international Double-Master-Degree from your home university and the University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany.
  2. Degree program with a future – Through climate change, altered land uses and an increasing human population, ecosystems are being continuously stressed. Environmental concerns and more stringent laws provide job opportunities for environmental science experts.
  3. Excellence in research and teaching – Our lecturers are involved in international collaborative research projects and participate in governmental advisory groups. This means they are able to incorporate the very latest developments in their teaching.
  4. No travelling costs and no visa necessary!
  5. Contact and interaction – Students develop their individual strengths and interests through close contact with teaching staff.
  6. Moderate costs – German universities are state-funded, therefore no tuition fees are charged. You only have to cover a semester fee and an obligatory student health insurance of approximately 600€ per year.
  7. Support for international students – Individual contact options and individual student assistance by teachers and program assistants.


Offered courses:

MSc (online) Environmental Sciences


MSc (online) Informationmanagement