During Studying



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Dates & Deadlines

While you are at university there will be a number of dates and deadlines you will need to be aware of. To help you stay organized, you will find here information on the important dates, for example lecture schedules and application deadlines.

First Semester Orientation

Orientation programs help first-semester students get acquainted with the university. Both campuses therefore offer a variety of introductory events before the start of lectures and classes.

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Course catalog klips

The course catalog, forms for online registration for courses and lectures and the electronic examinations office are all available to students through this information portal. In addition, KLIPS (Koblenz Landau Information Portal for Students) provides you with an overview of your test results and a platform for creating your own class schedule.

A Semester abroad

Interested in expanding your horizons and going abroad for a semester? Check out the numerous options offered by the university for studying abroad.

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Qualification options

The University of Koblenz-Landau offers a wide range of ways of obtaining a qualification: Whether distance learning programs, seminars, workshops or block release events - students, doctoral candidates, lecturers and start-up entrepreneurs will all find something of interest to them.

Frequently asked questions

There are always questions that come up, both before and while you are at university. What courses are on offer? What do you need to know about applying, admission, leave of absence and removal from the register of students? And what about the aptitude tests in certain subjects? You will find answers on the following pages.