First semester orientation

In order to make your transition to student life a smooth one, both campuses offer orientation events for first-semester students. The events are typically held during the week before regular lectures and classes begin.

In addition to information about your course of study, a lot of practical questions are also answered for you: How do I sign up for a course? How do I get a university email address? Where can I go to eat?

Bar evenings, rallies or first-year breakfast are all designed to help you make contact with fellow students. Because these events are organized by the AStA student executive committee or student council organizations, they can be very helpful for getting valuable tips on your studies, about the university and of course about the best bars in town.

What’s on offer at the campuses

At the Koblenz campus, the Orientation Week, also known as the ‘O-phase’, is organized by the OPA ( Orientation Phase Committee). The details of the program are posted in good time on Unipedia, the Uniwiki for the Koblenz campus.

At the Landau campus, the Orientation Days are run by the Office of Student Affairs, the Alumni Network and the AStA student executive committee. See ‘Orientation Days Landau’ online for more information.

Both campuses also offer a special Welcome Days program for international students. You will receive more information on that in an email from your Welcome Center.