Advisory services for students and prospective students

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The psychosocial advice centers provided by the Koblenz and Vorderpfalz student associations are the first place to go if you are experiencing personal and or study-related problems. Students can get help and counseling if they are having trouble with their studies, if they have learning or work difficulties, if they have problems coping with stress or if they have exam anxiety, addictions or any other issues. All individual consultations are free for students and subject to medical confidentiality. (Content only available in German)

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The university offers a wide range of support services for women. The Office of Gender Affairs and Equal Opportunity for example, helps female students apply for scholarships, advises them on studying if they have children, and provides assistance if individual psychosocial problems, such as sexual discrimination, occur. Special agencies such as the Women’s Career Center and KARLA help women with any career and professional planning.


The Koblenz and Vorderpfalz student associations offer students a wide range of services relating to life at university, for example concerning eating on campus in the canteens and cafeterias, providing dormitory accommodation, advising and assisting students with financial problems (loans and other forms of financial support), arranging student loans from the KfW bank and providing help to those with social and personal problems.

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Studying with a disability or a chronic illness

You have a disability or a chronic illness and would like to enroll for a course of study? The University of Koblenz-Landau has personnel who understand your needs and will represent your interests on your behalf so that you can focus on your studies without distraction. (Content only available in German)

Studying as a parent

Studying while trying to raise a child is a difficult task. Traveling back and forth between day care facilities, your desk, the lecture hall and the diaper-changing table can be a real challenge. Becoming a parent during your studies requires you to reorganize your previous life. The University of Koblenz-Landau has specially tailored services for students with children and the Koblenz and Vorderpfalz student associations will also help you to find an appropriate balance between studying and bringing up your child.