UniCard - The student ID card




For newly matriculated students: To collect you UniCard, please use the appointment for KOBLENZ by email to unicard@uni-koblenz-landau.de and for LANDAU at https://stw-vp.de/de/unicard/. You must take into account the mentioned protective measures regarding Covid-19.

Access to the validation terminals for printing the semester validity on your UniCard is possible on both campuses.

When validating, take into account the ongoing protective measures regarding Covid-19.

- A distance of at least two meters from other people is mandatory.

- In the case queues, please also wear a protective mask.

- Your visit on campus hast to be as short as possible (as required for validation). The campus must then be left immediately.


Please choose the time of validation with consideration and patience: Validation is possible on weekdays between 08:00 and 20:00. Experience has shown that waiting times in the early morning and evening are shorter. Experience has shown that the waiting time is also significantly shorter in the second half of the week and in the second, third or fourth week after the start time. Please use these times for validation, also with regard to the containment of Covid-19. Thank you.


Current information on the containment of Corona can be found on the Info page of the university and at the Robert-Koch-Institut.


Information on the issue of the UniCard to new registrants will be send to the concerned shortly. Please refrain from inquiries, we will inform you immediately. Thank you.




The UniCard is your official student ID card in the form of a multi-functional chip card.

The UniCard must be shown to sit exams and to vote at university elections. It serves as a university library card in Koblenz (this function will soon also be available at the Landau campus). Please use it as payment card for the canteen, cafeteria and for other offers from your students union. The UniCard also contains the semester ticket in accordance with the conditions at your campus.


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ID card Koblenz
ID card Landau


You can pick up your card after requesting it. To request the card, please upload your passport photo as soon as possible, to make sure your card can be produced and handed out to you on time.

You find further information on how to pick up your UniCard here.

You can use your UniCard for the entire duration of your studies at the University of Koblenz · Landau. After picking up your card and at the start of every semester, the actual validity period of your card must be confirmed at one of the validation terminals.

The fee for the first issue of your UniCard is €10. It is included in your matriculation fee. Thanks to sponsorship donations, we have been able to keep the fee at the low end of the legally stipulated cost range.

If you lose your UniCard, please cancel it immediatly through this website and apply here online for a new card. A fee of €15 will be charged for the issue of a replacement card.