Application & Photo Upload


For newly matriculated students: To collect you UniCard, please use the appointment for KOBLENZ by email to and for LANDAU at

Access to the validation terminals for printing the semester validity on your UniCard is possible on both campuses from Monday, April 26th, 2020 on.

When picking-up your UniCard or validating, take into account the ongoing protective measures regarding Covid-19.

- A distance of at least two meters from other people is mandatory.

- In the case queues, please also wear a protective mask.

- Your visit on campus hast to be as short as possible (as required for validation). The campus must then be left immediately.

Please choose the time of validation with consideration and patience: Validation is possible on weekdays between 08:00 and 20:00. Experience has shown that waiting times in the early morning and evening are shorter. Experience has shown that the waiting time is also significantly shorter in the second half of the week and in the second, third or fourth week after the start time. Please use these times for validation, also with regard to the containment of Covid-19. Thank you.

Current information on the containment of Corona can be found on the Info page of the university and at the Robert-Koch-Institut.

Information on the issue of the UniCard to new registrants will be send to the concerned shortly. Please refrain from inquiries, we will inform you immediately. Thank you.



At the bottom of this page, you will find a link that will enable you to request your UniCard and upload your photo.

If this is your first semester enrolled at this university and you still do not have a user name and password for the online platforms (such as KLIPS), please make sure you acquire these as described here for Koblenz and here for Landau.

We need an ID photo for your UniCard. Please upload your passport photo as soon as possible, to make sure your card will be produced and handed out to you on time.


Photos that meet the requirements for passport photos in Germany are particularly suitable. Please note the following with regard to the photo:

  • Your face must be sufficiently large in the photo.
  • The photo must show your facial features from chin to the top of your head and clearly show both sides of your face.
  • You may not be shown wearing mirrored glasses, sunglasses or head coverings (exception: if you wear a headscarf for religious reasons and your face is clearly visible on the photo).
  • The photo must be of you alone.
  • Please select an image with a neutral facial expression in which you are clearly recognizable (of course, you can smile).
  • The image may not be more than two years old.


    The photo must also meet the following technical specifications:

    • File format: JPEG (file extension: .jpg)
    • File size max. 2MB
    • Image format width to height 3:4 (to avoid distorted pictures)
    • Please upload you image in the right orientation (to avoid pictures in transverse position)
    • If you Scan your picture, please cut out the picture in the file (to avoid pictures with wide frames and only a tiny portrait)
    • Resolution at least 400 x 600 pixels (or greater)

    We will not be able to hand out you UniCard if an unsuitable photo image has been uploaded. Unsuitable photos are, for example, those that do not show you, in which it is difficult to recognize you or images that are not in the required 3:4 size ratio.

    Suitable examples

    ${columns} Column Layout

    Suitable image UniCard - female figure

    Suitable image UniCard - male figure

    Suitable image UniCard - veiled image


    Unsuitable examples

    ${columns} Column Layout

    Unsuitable image UniCard - sunglasses

    Unsuitable image UniCard - Unclear

    Unsuitable image UniCard - Group


    Please upload the photo for your UniCard. You will find the upload link here soon. Photos sent as an email attachment cannot be accepted.

    Upload the photos for the UniCard


    Please transfer the one-time-fee for your first UniCard together with your semester fees to the account of the university when you rematriculate. You will find more information on this in your matriculation or rematriculation documents.
    Fees for replacement cards are to be paid as specified here.