Cancellation & Replacement


For newly matriculated students: To collect you UniCard, please use the appointment for KOBLENZ by email to and for LANDAU at

Access to the validation terminals for printing the semester validity on your UniCard is possible on both campuses from Monday, April 26th, 2020 on.

When validating, take into account the ongoing protective measures regarding Covid-19.

- A distance of at least two meters from other people is mandatory.

- In the case queues, please also wear a protective mask.

- Your visit on campus hast to be as short as possible (as required for validation). The campus must then be left immediately.

Please choose the time of validation with consideration and patience: Validation is possible on weekdays between 08:00 and 20:00. Experience has shown that waiting times in the early morning and evening are shorter. Experience has shown that the waiting time is also significantly shorter in the second half of the week and in the second, third or fourth week after the start time. Please use these times for validation, also with regard to the containment of Covid-19. Thank you.

Current information on the containment of Corona can be found on the Info page of the university and at the Robert-Koch-Institut.

Information on the issue of the UniCard to new registrants will be send to the concerned shortly. Please refrain from inquiries, we will inform you immediately. Thank you.


Your new unicard can be picked up for Koblenz one week after your request and for Landau two weeks afte your request (delay due to dispath from Koblenz).

If you wish to sit an exam or participate in university elections before you have received your replacement card, you will need to present your ID card or passport and the matriculation certificate that you can download from KLIPS for printing.

You can not use your semetserticket untill you pick-up your new UniCard.


If you have lost your UniCard, please cancel it immediately, to save your credits for paayment at the Koblenz student services. To cancel a lost UniCard, please send an email to the UniCard-Support Koblenz (For students at the Koblenz AND the Landau Campus). To do so, please send an Email (see contact information box) and use your university-mail account to prove your identity.

To receive a new UniCard, please proceed as described under the headline "replacement"


If the payment function on your card is not operating, please reinsert the card in the payment terminal that you last used. You can ask at the canteen payment window which payment terminal you last used with your card.

In the case of other problems, such as damage to the TRW strip, please proceed as described under the headline "replacement". hen you pick up your new UniCard you will have to hand in your old one.

If the defect is not your fault (without any visible outside influence), please show your card to UniCard support for the Koblenz campus or to the information point of the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz for the Landau campus for verification. In this case, the replacement fee is waived. It is first checked whether there is actually a defect.

Name Changes

If you change your name while studying, please notify the Student Office. Please apply for a new UniCard through this website as soon as your name change appears in KLIPS. To do this, please proceed as described under the headline "replacement".


Please first take note of the relevant information above.

After this, you can request a new UniCard as described below.

1. Please send an e-mail to the unicard-support (See contact information). Please use your univesity-mail-account.

2. Please transfer the replacement card fee as follows.

Please note: As soon as you have transfered the fee, it can not be refunded, even if you cancel your replacement request.

Replacement fee in case of loss or damage and name changes: 15 Euro
Reference for KOBLENZ: 6501Ko/1509/28202/5304015unicardersatz"please insert your matriculation number here without any spaces"

Reference for LANDAU: 6501/LD/1509/28202/5304016unicardersatz"please insert your matriculation number here without any spaces"


Please use the mentioned reference without any further specifications. Otherwise your payment can not be matched automatically and the production of your card will be considerably delayed.

Please transfer your payment to the following account.

Account holder:             Landeshochschulkasse Mainz
Bank:                                Deutsche Bundesbank
Bank code:                      550 000 00
Account number.:           550 015 11
IBAN:                                DE25 5500 0000 0055 001511
BIC:                                   MARKDEF1550

3. Please upload a current ID photo. Your previous photo had to be delated for reasons of data protection.

4. As soon as we have received your payment and your replacement card has been produced we will inform you via Email.

To collect you new card, please bring your passport and your old unicard.

5. Before using your new card, you must validate it at one of the terminals in the D-building.

6. Credits for payment at the Koblenz Student Services, that remain on your old card, in case of defects and name changes can be transfered to your new card. You will need the old cards serial number for this. You can find this number on the front side of your card below the information about the campus. Please visit a cash desk of the Koblenz Students Services with your new unicard. In case of lost of your old UniCard, the UniCard support will tell you your old cards serial number whan handing out your new card.