Functions & Use

Student identity card

The UniCard replaces the previous student ID card and will need to be presented to enable you to sit exams and participate in university elections - as previously in the case of your old student ID card. Please confirm the actual validity of your card each semester at one of the validation terminals.

Library function Koblenz

At the Koblenz campus you can use your UniCard to borrow books and media from the university library and to pay for offers and fees in the university library. This function will soon be provided at the Landau campus as well.

Canteen payment card

The UniCard functions as a canteen payment card. In order to be able to pay with the card, please validate your card and than load your card with credits at one of the reloading terminals.

Ath the Koblenz Campus these terminals are located in Building D in the cafeteria on the ground floor (in the right corner), in the basement (near the drinks machines, in the Menseria (opposite Extratheke).

At the Landau Campus the reloading terminal is located next to the entrance of Mensa (opposite the validation terminals).

If the payment function on your card is not operating, please reinsert the card in the payment terminal that you last used. You can ask at the canteen payment window which payment terminal you last used with your card.

Semester ticket

At the Koblenz Campus your semester ticket of VRM will be printed on the re-writable strip when you validate your card.

A the Landau Campus a semesterticket, that is valid on evenings and weekends, will be stamped on your card.

PLEASE NOTE: Your semesterticket is only valid, as long as you are a matriculated student of Universität Kobenz Landau.

Using your card

The thermal re-writable (TRW) strip on the UniCard and the delicate antenna of the chip it contains can be damaged if the card is used improperly. Please handle your card with care to save yourself the cost of replacement.

The UniCard should be kept protected in a wallet or purse. The UniCard will quickly be damaged if you just keep it loosely in your pants’ pocket. For the chip card to function, it is important to protect it from being bent, abraded and becoming dirty.

Also, heat will damage the chip and the TRW strip; so like an EC card or other form of payment card, it is not a good idea to leave your UniCard in the glove compartment of a car or on the dashboard in the sun in summer.

It can also be damaged by washing, so make sure you remove it from any clothing before washing. If you use your UniCard as an ice scraper, the chip antenna and TRW strip will quickly be destroyed.

A card case can provide additional protection. Do not keep it in a soft plastic card case because the printing on the TRW strip can be dissolved by any softening agent released by the plastic.