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Technology & Data Protection

QR Code

Your QR code is used to verify the data printed on the card. Using it, you can call up a web page which will confirm the validity of your UniCard.


Unlike an EC card, the chip in your UniCard is not visible. The RFID (radio frequency identification) chip is integrated into the card. The chip enables you to use the UniCard as a payment card in the canteen and to pay for other services of the student services. The card does not have to be inserted directly into a device; it need only be placed on the payment terminal. The chip technology is robust. However, you should still always handle your card with care. If it goes through the washing machine, the chip in the card can be damaged, and the same applies to leaving the UniCard in a hot car in the summer.

TRW Strip

The current validity period is printed on the TRW strip at the bottom of the card at the beginning of each semester. It functions using a thermo-rewrite technique that employs heat to print information on the strip, to remove old information and print new information in its place. The strip can be damaged by abrasion if the card is carried around loosely in a pocket. If the card becomes bent out of shape, it may no longer be possible to legibly print the validity period on the card.

Data Protection

The serial number of the card, your matriculation number and the validity period are saved to the card’s chip. In addition, it contains the payment function for the student services and the copying machine (Koblenz, will be provided for Landau soon) and the library funktion. No other data is stored on the chip.

The chip meets the most modern security requirements and the data on the chip is encrypted in accordance with currently valid standards.