Academic Institutions

Center for contemporary theater and performance (ZZTP)

The Center for Contemporary Theater and Performance at the University of Koblenz was founded in January 2015 by faculties 1 and 2 (Faculty of Education and Faculty of Arts and Humanities) as a cross-faculty institute. The main function of the center is to organize the certificate study program Performing Arts at the Koblenz campus, which is run jointly by both faculties. (Content only available in German)

Center for Contemporary Theater and Performance

Center for Culture and the Exchange of Knowledge (ZKW)

The ZKW is a forum for interdisciplinary exchange, and, at the same time, serves as a window for the university out onto the city and region. The ZKW stages the series “Poetik Dozentur”, “Große Begegnungen” and the “Poetry Slam” on both campuses. The ZKW has been responsible for the study programme “Darstellendes Spiel” (Performing Arts) at the Landau campus since 2014. (Content only available in German)

Center for Culture and the Exchange of Knowledge

Center for Distance Studies and Continuing Education (ZFUW)

The Center for Distance Studies and Continuing Education (ZFUW) is a central unit of the University. It offers university extension courses and training programs. The portfolio of the institution includes one-day and weekend seminars as well as master-programs in different fields and areas. Mainly the programs are directed to people who stay at the workplace and do their training near the job. The format of distance education therefore is used to address a nationwide audience. (Content only available in German)

Center for Distance Studies and Continuing Education

Center for Education and Research at Extra-Curricular Locations (ZentrAL)

The task of the ZentrAL is to develop extra-curricular locations as a focus and instrument of basic research, and intensify interdisciplinary dialogue. Teacher training should receive new impetus by means of a research-oriented combination of theory and practice. (Content only available in German)


Center for Empirical Educational Research (zepf)

The zepf is one central research facility of the University of Koblenz-Landau at its Landau Campus. Research is both theoretical and application-oriented and conducted in the four areas that include innovation, prevention, intervention and evaluation. With regard to content, emphasis is placed on the areas of education and health. (Content only available in German)


Center for Methods, Diagnostic and Evaluation

The Center of Media Technology is located at the campus in Landau and has the task to promote and support the use of digital media in research, teaching, and further education. The center consists of four units—AV-Studio, print shop, photo studio, and media technology support—offering services to all members of the university. (Currently only available in German)

Methodology Center

Centers of Teacher Education

The Centers of Teacher Education at the campus in Koblenz (ZfL) and in Landau (ZLB) are academic institutions enabling the transfer between research and practice. They coordinate study programs for teacher education, facilitate the exchange between the three different phases of teacher education, support the quality assurance of the obligatory school internships and offer counselling and support for current and prospective students.

Central Institute for Scientific Entrepreneurship & International Transfer (ZIFET)

The ZIFET is active on both university campuses, Koblenz and Landau, and coordinates all entrepreneurial projects and activities in research and teaching. In addition, the ZIFET is the central point of contact for all issues concerning national and international knowledge and technology transfer.


DFG Research Group InterNano

The interdisciplinary research group INTERNANO combines expertise from aquatic and terrestrial working groups as well as from disciplines oriented towards ecotoxicology, microbiology, physical chemistry, soil-chemistry and soil-physics.



The FLI on the Landau campus promotes the dialogue on fundamental political and social questions between the university and the public. This dialogue is fostered by scientific projects and events with outstanding academics and personalities from public life. The research projects of the FLI focus on political communication and international relations. Every year the FLI appoints a distinguished person from the fields of academia, politics or journalism as a visiting professor. (Content only available in German)


Friedensakademie (Peace Academy)

The Friedensakademie Rheinland-Pfalz – Academy for Crisis Prevention and Civil Conflict Management works at the interface between peace research and peace education; combining research, knowledge transfer, teaching, and training activities. Its research foci center on international and internal conflicts, notably the theory and practice of crisis prevention and conflict management.

Peace Academy

Institute for Medical Technology and Data Processing (MTI Mittelrhein)

The Institute MTI Mittelrhein is an interdisciplinary research facility in which specialist expertise from the Koblenz region in the areas of medicine, technology and data processing are linked in an interdisciplinary way.

MTI Mittelrhein

Knowledge Media Institute (IWM)

The KMI is an interdisciplinary research and transfer institute and our university's central e-learning support unit. It assists staff and students in using e-learning tools such as OLAT and Mahara. The KMI combines support tasks, research and piloting new methods and tools. It focuses on enhancing educational processes, based on both pedagogical and technical competences. (Content only available in German)


Rwanda-Center and Office for Africa-Cooperation

The Rwanda-Center and Office for Africa-Cooperation is contact point for issues concerning scientific and concrete development cooperation with African countries and especially with Rwanda. Thus a strong connection between science and practice will be implemented.

Rwanda-Center & Office for Africa-Cooperation

Virtual Campus Rhineland-Palatinate

The Virtual Campus Rhineland-Palatinate (VCRP) has been a scientific institution of all universities and universities of applied sciences in Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany) since 2000. Its main focus is the initiation, support, advice, qualification, information, development, coordination and integration of e-learning at all associated universities. (Content only available in German)