Academic Support Institutions

Campusschule (Campus School)

The CampusSchule brings together university teaching and research with the challenges currently faced in school teaching. The use of scientific findings in modern teacher training and finding practical solutions to educational problems is at the core of what CampusSchule does. (Currently only available in German)

Campus School

Center for University Education (HDA)

The University Teaching Center (HDA) supports all teachers at the University of Koblenz-Landau. For our English-speaking staff we offer individual consultations on curriculum planning, teaching techniques, problems of cross-cultural teaching and all other questions you may have concerning your teaching. We also provide customized solutions for your professional development. (Currently only available in German)


Center of Excellence for Study and Career (KSB)

The KSB connects university facilities in the field of non-academic qualifications. The wide range of events and advisory services offered by the Center are aimed at students and young academics. (Currently only available in German)



The mission of the EU-Office is to further develop the international profile of the university. The development of networks at both national and international level aims to provide greater visibility to research themes that refine the university’s profile and enhance its international competitiveness. (Currently only available in German)


Media Center

The task of the Media Center is to promote and support in particular the use of digital media for research, teaching and continuing education. The Media Center is a fusion of the units AV-Studio, Print Shop, Photographic Laboratory and Media Center, which were all involved in media technology and production at the Landau campus. (Currently only available in German)

Media Center

The University Psychotherapy Clinic

The University Psychotherapy Clinic is affiliated to both the continuing education programme in Psychotherapy (WiPP) and the department of Clinical Psychology at the university. The clinic delivers a comprehensive diagnostic and psychotherapeutic service to adults suffering from mental illness. The clinic treats patients suffering from the entire range of clinical mental disorders, where out-patient psychotherapy is indicated. (Only available in German)


University Computing Center

The computing centers at the Koblenz and Landau campuses offer services in the areas of data networking, communication, Internet, computer performance optimisation as well as technical supervision and advisory services for all students and staff at the university. In addition, the computing centers advise the various faculties and institutes on the acquisition of both hardware and software and also run the central servers.

University Language Center

The University Language Center (USZ) offers a cross-campus language course program for students at Koblenz-Landau University. The program currently offers courses in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian and is supplemented by internationally acknowledged certificates, computer-aided self-learning programs and tandems.

University Language Center

University Library

The library at the University of Koblenz-Landau provides readers at both campuses with the necessary materials for research, teaching and study. In addition to the access to licensed online media (e-books, e-journals and databases), the library also provides its readers with printed media such as course books.

University Library

Zooschule (The School Zoo)

The School Zoo Landau is a cooperation between the university in Landau and the Landau Zoo. It is on the one hand a learning environment for children and young people, and on the other hand a place where prospective teachers can gain further experience. Up to 30 students teach over 13,000 children and young people at the zoo annually according to modern didactic methods and principles. (Currently only available in German)

School Zoo