KLASSE - Teaching Quality Pact

KLASSE. Koblenz-Landau. Attraktives Studium Sichert Erfolg. This initiative with its precept ‘attractive study secures success’ has been launched by the German federal and state governments and is designed to promote the improvement of study conditions at university and enhance the quality of teaching (the ‘Teaching Quality Pact’).

During the first funding period of the KLASSE initiative, the university put in place measures to upgrade the conditions of study and that would provide for better orientation and supervision of its students.  As a result, our graduates now have increased chances of finding employment or of starting out on an academic career path. As the ratio of professors to students is a factor that has an effect on the number of students graduating and those completing the standard period of study, the university has decided to increase the numbers of its professors by creating more early tenure-track posts for these personnel. The aim here is also to improve the quality of teaching and make it more research-based. The degree programs offered by the university have been supplemented by a double-subject Bachelor degree program that aims at imparting specific skills and is very flexible in terms of form.

In the second funding period
and where potential for improvement has been identified, the plan is to continue to employ the proven early tenure-track post strategy and to further improve the supervision situation for students in addition to the quality and efficiency of teaching. The objective is to increase student satisfaction and success and achieve a high ratio of graduating students. The ‘Online Excellence’ project has been introduced to facilitate the innovative transformation of teaching content and interaction forms. Our range of degree programs is being further consolidated. With the help of the institutions established during the first funding period (the Center of Excellence for Study and Career and the Student Advice Offices), an integrated approach across all phases of study programs will be taken to promote the acquirement of interdisciplinary skills during all stages of the academic qualification process (orientation and decision-making with regard to what degree to study for; starting university and the degree program; finding employment/Master’s degree, doctorate, postdoc phases).

Projects of the Center of Excellence for Study and Career being funded through KLASSE (Content only available in German):

Institutes receiving support (Content only available in German):


  • ‘Online Excellence’; a project of Faculty 4: Computer Science (online profile to be launched in the near future)