The ‘Professorinnenprogramm II’ of the federal and state governments

The German ‘Professorinnenprogramm’ is designed to encourage more women to take up academic careers. The University of Koblenz · Landau considers the provision of equality of opportunity to be one of its essential tasks, making it a core element in all its strategic decision-making. Measures to promote gender equality and diversity represent important tools employed by the university to ensure its academic ascendancy. By placing women on an equal footing with men, the university is able to more thoroughly exploit and promote all available talent. In the preamble to the ‘Development Guidelines’ issued by the University Senate in December 2013, emphasis is thus placed on ensuring that gender equality is a fundamental element underlying all strategic and content-related targets.

Resources obtained during the first project phase of the ‘Professorinnenprogramm’ have made it possible for the university to come closer to achieving important goals in the sector of gender equality. There has been a significant increase in the proportion of female professors (up by 10.9% in 2013 vs. 2010) and measures have been put in place to make it easier for women to begin an academic career.

The University of Koblenz · Landau will continue to meet its obligations with regard to higher education policy and society as a whole by developing innovative and sustainable policies for the implementation of gender equality at all levels of academic life.

Start-up financing will be provided for the initial appointment of two women to tenured professorships (funding codes 01FP14015 E and 01FP14015F), supplemented by two strategies designed to promote equal opportunities.


Graduate School for Gender Research

Mentoring of future female academics