Program budgets

Strategies designed to implement a culture of quality and measures to promote the university and its personnel are necessarily closely related. This is also the case with regard to the core aspects of any university - study and teaching. An array of diverse projects are being undertaken to meet the objectives of the University of Koblenz · Landau when it comes to the optimization of the general conditions it provides for its students.

Funds from the budget provided by the state to implement the third phase of the ‘Higher Education Pact’ in Rhineland-Palatinate have made it possible for the university to target these additional resources at its own defined strategic points of departure.

The selected projects will help with the achievement of the university’s aims to provide students with quality-assured degree programs, to provide them with the best possible support from the very start and to ensure that their time at university is successful. Particular challenges in this context are represented by the high numbers of students and the trend toward increasing heterogeneity of the student body - this against the background of an ever more diverse society.

The provision of increased opportunities for young people to take up academic or vocational training and thus improve their status is a further objective that the state and university hope to see realized in the third phase of the Higher Education Pact.  In view of demographic developments, this provision of increased opportunity is also an important means of ensuring the future supply of adequately qualified personnel.

Another aim of the university is to employ more women in academic sectors in which they are still underrepresented. Although the university is already on the right track as far as this is concerned, it considers its responsibility lies in the provision of further management tools and programs designed to promote future academics. It is thus concentrating on putting in place measures that will further the careers of female academics in the doctoral and postdoc phases.

By the end of 2020, projects are to be implemented in three funding lines.

Prgbdtgs Durchlässigkeit

Funding line "Program to improve educational opportunities"

This funding line is used to finance projects that help young people find a career path that is suitable for them.