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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the procedure for third party funded projects or hiring staff? Do you need a signature from the President or the Chancellor? Here are answers to frequently asked questions concerning university administration. (Currently only available in German)


    Structure of the university administration

    What is the administrative structure of the university like? The organization chart and the distribution-of-business plan provide a precise overview of the university’s administrative structure. (Content only available in German)

    Service page of the Public Relations Department

    Public Relations Department

    Service page of the Personnel Department

    On the service pages of the Personnel Department you will find important and frequently required application forms, pre-printed forms and information for the Koblenz and Landau campuses as well as for the President’s office. (Currently only available in German)

    Personnel Department

    Service page of the Legal Affairs Department

    Content only available in German.

    • Main provisions
    • Provisions for programs of study
    • Sample contracts (in-house)

    Legal Affairs Department

    Service page University Building, Finance, Building Management

    Content only available in German.

    University Building, Finance, Building Management

    Service page Administration EDP

    The Administatrion EDP provides the university with a comprehensive, modern and innovative IT infrastructure. In order to deliver this, the unit works closely together with the specialist departments and the users, with whom the unit also jointly finds solutions to problems and designs new working processes. (Currently only available in German)


    Executive Department

    The Executive Department of Quality Assurance and Development in Study and Teaching is the right partner to deliver organizational support in the continuing development of existing study programs. In addition, the department supports and coordinates the execution of quality control procedures. (Only available in German)

    Executive Department