Student self-administration

All students enrolled at the university can and should be involved in student self-administration. There are bodies which represent the interests of the students vis-à-vis the university, the university management and the public.

Student Council (StuPA)

Once a year the students elect the Student Council, which alongside electing and managing the Students' Union Executive Committee, also makes decisions with regard to the student budget.

Students' Union Executive Committee (AStA)

AStA is the central body representing all students. As well as representing the students in all areas related to their studies, AStA is also responsible for the cultural, social, environmental and politcal affairs affecting students. The relevant departments of AstA organise cultural and political events, they advise and support socially disadvantaged students, provide free initial legal advice and organise events for first-year students new to the university.

Last but not least, AStA adopts positions on higher education and science policy issues and is an active participant in the higher education reform process.

Student faculty bodies, Faculty Council, Senate

Students can continue to be involved in the student faculty bodies or stand for election as an official student representative to the Faculty Council or to the Senate.

Services for new students

The AStA provides numerous services for new students at the start of their studies: