Campus Map Koblenz

Campusplan Koblenz


Icon Gebäude A

Institute for IS Research
Institute for Management
University Computing Center

Icon Gebäude B

Dean's Office Faculty 4: Computer Science
Institute for Computer Science
Institute for Computational Visualistics
Institute for Software Technology
Institute for Web Science and Technologies

Icon Gebäude C

Institute for Pedagogy/Department School Education/General Didactics
Knowledge Media Institute (IWM)
Parent-child room (C223)

Icon Gebäude D

University management
Center of Teacher Education
International Office
Student Services
Mailroom/Lost property office
Aula (D239)
Large Lecture hall (D028)
Concert hall

Icon Gebäude E

Dean's Office Faculty 1: Educational Science
Institute for Protestant Theology
Institute for Catholic Theology
Institute for Philosophy
Institute for Primary Education
Institute for Pedagogy/Department Pedagogy
Institute for Psychology
Institut for Sociology
Medium lecture hall (E011)


Icon Gebäude F

Dean's Office Faculty 2: Arts and Humanities
Institute for English and Romance Studies
Institute for German Studies
Institute for History
Institute for Cultural Studies
Institute for Aesthetics and Art History
Institute for Musicology and Music Education
Training workshop/Training kitchen

Icon Gebäude G

Dean's Office Faculty 3: Mathematics and Sciences
Institute for Integrated Natural Sciences
Mathematical Institute

Icon Gebäude H

Institute of Sports Science
Sports buildings

Icon Gebäude I

Caretaker Office
Information centre/Switchboard

Icon Gebäude K

Organization for University Sport (AHS)

Icon Gebäude L

Child Day Care Facility Bullerbü
Institute for Integrated Natural Sciences/Department of Chemistry

Icon Gebäude M

Institute for Integrated Natural Sciences
Lecture hall (M201 und M001)

Icon Gebäude N

Student Union (AStA)
Institute for Medical Technology and Data Processing (MTI)