University branches in Landau

An overview of the locations of all the institutes and facilities you can find at the Campus Landau below.

Standortplan der Außenstellen in Landau


Icon Standort Campus

Fortstraße 7 (Campus)

Icon Standort 2

Thomas-Nast-Straße 44
Department of Educational Science/Working Group Intercultural Education

Icon Standort 3

August-Croissant Straße 5
Department of Child and Youth Education
Institute of Social Sciences - Department of Economics
The School Zoo

Icon Standort 4

Kaufhausgasse 9 (Frank-Loebsches-Haus)
Institute of Social Sciences - Department of Political Science
Peace Aademy Rhineland-Palantinate

Icon Standort 5

Ostbahnstraße 10
Department Biopsychology, Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy
Landauer Psychotherapy Outpatient Clinic for Children and Adoloescents

Icon Standort 6

Ostbahnstraße 12
Research Group Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology and Psychotherapy

Icon Standort 7

Marktstraße 40 (Rote Kaserne)
Department of Foreign Languages
Institute of Social Sciences - Department of Sociology
Language Center

Icon Standort 8

Xylanderstraße 1
Department of Special Needs Education

Icon Standort 9

Bürgerstraße 23
Dean's Office Faculty 5: Educational Sciences
Department of Educational Science
Department of Philosophy
Dean's Office Faculty 6: Cultural and Social Sciences
Department of Aesthetics and Visual Arts
Department of Music
Department of Catholic Theology
Institute of Protestant Theology
Office of Gender Affairs and Equal Opportunity
Entrepreneurial Office
KARLA – Career Center for Women
Center for Empirical Educational Research (Zepf)
Center for Distance Studies and Continuing Education (ZFUW)


Icon Standort 10

Merowingerstraße 10

Icon Standort 11

Marie-Curie-Straße 5a
BAföG Office
University Examinations Office
Student Advice Center
Office for Student Affairs
Registrar's Office

Icon Standort 12

Westring 2/Pestalozzistraße 3
Institute for Mathematics - Department Didactics of Mathematics (primary level)
Center for Research Methodologies
Organization for University Sport (AHS)

Icon Standort 13

Heinrich-Diehl-Straße 5 (Kunsthalle)

Icon Standort 14

Georg-Friedrich-Dentzel-Straße 24
Center of Excellence for Study and Career (KSB)
Graduate Academy Learning-Society-Environment
Facility Management
Alumni Network
Unit L21/L41/42/43

Icon Standort 15

Herrenbergstraße 13
Interdisciplinary Graduate Center (IPZ)

Icon Standort 16

Maximilianstraße 8
Center for Cultural and the Exchange of Knowledge (ZKW)