Support for single parents

Financial support is available for single students who are parents or pregnant assuming that the scholarship foundation recognizes that they are entitled to support. An application for support can be submitted if financial bottlenecks threaten to jeopardize the continuation of the study program. Support could, for instance, take the form of assuming the costs of a day caregiver or day care center. The foundation also offers support for absences from home required by the study program (excursions and work experience) and in emergency situations. Applicants may not take leave of absence during the semester for which support is granted.

Application forms are available from the Gender Affairs Representative of Koblenz-Landau University, Heide Gieseke, Bürgerstraße 23, Room 53 and from room 54 of the Office of Gender Affairs; they can also be downloaded from

Please place your application together with the following documents in the pigeonhole of the Office of Gender Affairs or deliver it in person on a Wednesday between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.: - Copy of the children’s certificate of parentage (Abstammungsurkunde) and/or proof of an existing pregnancy - Copies of your latest proof of performance (last or second-to-last semester) - Matriculation certificate.

All of these documents must also be submitted in PDF form.