Support from the Students’ Association

Social support

Students who through no fault of their own experience severe social hardship and are unable to proceed with their studies under the regulations can submit an application for social support to the Students’ Association. It is usually only granted after completion of the second semester.

A decision on the application is reached by a committee – after a review of specific guidelines – of which the managing director and a student are members. The amount of support is usually €300 as a grant that can be provided only once per semester.

Additionally, social support can be applied for in the form of a loan of up to €1600 under certain circumstances.

Free meal tickets

Free meal tickets are issued to enable students suffering hardship to eat for free in the university canteen. Up to 30 free meal tickets can be issued per semester.

You can find the guidelines and the application form for Landau campus here.

Additional information for Koblenz campus is available here.

Exam completion loan

In particular cases of hardship, the Students’ Association may grant loans to students who do not or no longer qualify for financial educational support (BAföG). The loan is intended to help students who are experiencing financial difficulties through no fault of their own to complete their study program.

The application must be submitted in writing. The maximum loan that can be granted is €1800. After approximately 12 months, the loan will be repayable in monthly installments of 1/12 of the loaned sum; any still unpaid loan amount will be subject to an interest rate of 3% p.a. after this period.

You can find related information on the websites of the Vorderpfalz - Landau Students’ Association and the Koblenz Students’ Association.

Kids for free - free child portion meals for the children of our students

‘CanteenKids’: Children of students eat for free in our canteens. All that is needed is a student ID/matriculation certificate and a copy of the child’s birth certificate or the family register (Familienstammbuch) entry.

You can find the application form here (for the Landau campus canteen).

You can find a contact partner and additional information for the Koblenz campus canteen here.