Study program organization

Leave of absence

Information on leave of absence Students can take leave of absence from university when pregnant or if they need to care for and raise an infant. A written application for leave of absence must be submitted to the registrar’s office within the rematriculation period; leave of absence will be granted for one semester in each case. The student will retain their place at university and their status as a student will be maintained during official leave of absence. A leave of absence semester will count as a university semester but not as a degree program semester. If you do not take leave you will be granted bonus credits in accordance with Article 10 of the stipulations on setting up and management of study program accounts. You can contact the registrar’s offices in Koblenz and Landau for advice on whether a leave of absence semester would be of benefit in your situation.

Interrupting a course of study

Students who are also mothers and fathers can temporarily interrupt their course of study by exmatriculating. However, it should be borne in mind that resuming a degree program can be problematic, especially after a longer break from university. For example, there is no guarantee of being readmitted to a degree program with admission restrictions. If new examination regulations are introduced during the period away from university, any students resuming a study program would have to continue their studies under the new regulations. Already acquired credits may no longer be recognized under certain circumstances. It is thus advisable to consider interrupting your study program only if you are unsure as to whether you will genuinely want to subsequently continue your course of study. Students who are mothers and fathers should always seek advice from the registrar’s office in Koblenz or Landau before exmatriculating.

Special examination regulations

Examination deadlines

Article 26 Para. 1 of the German Universities Act (HochSchG) stipulates that a period of study will also not be considered as extended or interrupted if the cause of extension or interruption is pregnancy or parenting:

"Examination requirements and procedures must be designed so that the final examination can be completed in full during the standard period of study. In situations in which compliance with a prescribed deadline for registering for or sitting or repeating an examination is determined by a specific period of study, extensions and interruptions will not be taken into consideration in so far as they


3. Are due to pregnancy and parenting of a child

Where No.3 applies, the student must be allowed to at least take advantage of the periods of leave specified in Articles 3, 4, 6 and 8 of the German Maternity Leave Act (Mutterschutzgesetz) and those of the German Child Benefit Act (Bundeserziehungsgeldgesetz)... Students are obligated to provide the proof stipulated in sections 1 and 2."

Detailed information is available from the University Examinations Office Koblenz and Landau.


Withdrawal from an examination

You must inform the University Examinations Office without delay if you consider yourself unable to participate in an examination during pregnancy or later, for instance because you have to take care of a sick child. Please submit the reasons for your withdrawal in writing. A doctor’s certificate is required in the event of an illness affecting you or a child.