Information for Pupils

Ada-Lovelace-Project (ALP)

When we think of university, we most probably think immediately of science and study, research and teaching, as well as professors and students. However, the University of Koblenz-Landau is also of appeal to schoolchildren and offers events on the most diverse themes and age groups. (Only available in German)


Children's Technology Holiday Camps (Koblenz)

Understanding technology as well as recognizing budding technologists – these are the aims of the Children’s Technology Holiday Camps. Young participants from the age of 6 to 16 years do experiments in diverse areas of technical fields, program, for example, robots or build a solar log cabin. The camps are offered mainly from Monday to Friday in the Easter, summer or fall school holidays. (Only available in German)

Children's Technology Holiday Camps (Koblenz)

Children's Uni

The Children’s Uni invites children to conduct independent research in the university’s laboratories and lecture theaters and explore exciting scientific issues. The young students receive their own student ID-cards at the Children’s Uni. If the young students visit a total of eight lectures, they receive a degree certificate from the Children’s Uni. (Currently only available in German)

Children's Uni

Early Studies

The University of Koblenz-Landau offers particularly gifted, high-performing and motivated schoolchildren the possibility to attend seminars at the university already during their upper classes in school. The university-run program “WissenScha(f)ft Zukunft” (Science is the Future) and German Telecom Foundation sponsor the project. (Currently only available in German)

Education Fairs

Potential students and schoolchildren can meet the university at education fairs and information events, where they receive initial information about studying at the University of Koblenz-Landau. These events include, among others, apprenticeship and university fairs as well as welcome events and open days. (Currently only available in German)

Education Fairs

Freilandmobil (Landau)

The “Freilandmobil” is a painstakingly restored old wooden circus carriage that sets benchmarks in the areas of sustainable education and mobility and serves as a mobile school environmental laboratory. Pupils get to learn about topics related to the environment, and can experiment and gain experience in authentic surroundings, with the aspect of sustainability playing a particular role. (Currently only available in German)



The project “FUNK” at the Koblenz campus offers schoolchildren with a migratory background and those from socially disadvantaged backgrounds a first port of call for the targeted development and extension of their technical and subject-related language abilities through teaching in specific subjects. At the same time FUNK gives prospective teachers the chance to put the knowledge they have already gained to practical use. (Currently only available in German)


Information Days for Pupils (Koblenz)

The Faculty of Computer Science invites interested pupils to learn more about study programs and the Koblenz campus. The schedule includes discussions with student advisors, visits to the labs and lectures. The particular advantage of the open days is that a campus guide supervises the pupils during their visit and is on hand to answer any questions the pupils have. (Currently only available in German)

Information Days for Pupils

Kids for free (Koblenz)

The "Kids for Free"-Card from Student Services Koblenz provides a daily free lunch (child’s portion) to students’ children up until the age of 10 years. This service is provided by Student Services as a subsidy to students in order to reduce their financial burden. The range of services provided by Student Services is aimed at reducing the financial burdens faced by students. The "Kids for Free"-Cards on the Koblenz campus are available in the D-building.

Kids for free

Math Circle (Koblenz)

Math makes you happy. According to this maxim, particularly gifted schoolchildren at the Koblenz campus can deepen their knowledge far beyond what is taught at school and learn about mathematical structures and ways of thinking under the supervision of specialists from universities and schools. The Math Circle is open to pupils in years 9 and 10 of secondary school. (Currently only available in German)

Math Circle

The Math and Environmental Lab (Landau)

The Math and Environmental Lab on the Landau campus, which is run jointly by the Institute of Environmental Sciences and the Institute of Mathematics, offers scientifically gifted schoolchildren the possibility to work in study groups on project-related issues. (Currently only available in German)

The Math and Environmental Lab

The Math Lab "There is more to math"

In the Math Lab “There’s more to math” at the Landau campus children at secondary school practise working with mathematical models and computer simulations. They learn how to better understand phenomena from the field of technology and their everyday lives, as well as improve their basic knowledge of mathematics by independently exploring mathematical issues. (Only available in German)

Math Lab

Office for Student Affairs

The Offices for Student Affairs at both the Koblenz and Landau campuses are the information and service points for prospective students, applicants and enrolled students. They support students in finding their way within the university’s administrative structure.

The School Lab (Koblenz)

The university in Koblenz offers pupils the possibility to do experiments independently in the chemistry labs at the Institute for Integrated Sciences. The aim is to inspire young people for issues in chemistry. Groups of pupils can use the lab either as a one-off or over a longer period of time. (Currently only available in German)

The School Lab

The School Lab & Science Workshop (Landau)

In the Science Workshop on the Landau campus, pupils in class 5 and class 6 of secondary school experience science-related issues in an interdisciplinary way. In addition, trainee teachers are integrated into the lectures so that they get a greater degree of hands-on experience. The Science Workshop is an extracurricular learning environment and part of the working group for the teaching of chemistry. (Currently only available in German)

The School Lab & Science Workshop

Student Advisory Service

The Student Advisory Service is open to all pupils who are interested in studying at the University of Koblenz-Landau. The Student Advisory Service provides information on the range of study programs on offer at the university and also gives competent advice on the choice of study program and getting started.

University Library Koblenz • Landau

The University library on the Koblenz campus is available for pupils to use. Pupils merely need to register at the loans desk of the library in order to be able to research selected themes independently and also use the available literature for preparation at school.

University Library

Welcome Events

The Open Day at the Koblenz campus and the welcome events at the Landau campus are an opportunity for prospective students and interested schoolchildren to inform themselves about everything to do with studying, for example, study programs, areas of study and looking for a flat. The team at the Student Advice Center, the representatives of the Student Union, the student bodies of the various faculties, as well as the staff at Student Services are all on hand to answer any queries students may have. (Currently only available in German)

Zoo School landau

The Zoo School Landau, which is a co-operation between the University of Koblenz-Landau and the Landau Zoo, fulfills two functions: on the one hand, it is a place where both children and young people can learn, and, on the other hand, it serves as a field of experience for prospective teachers. In organizational terms the Zoo School belongs to the Institute for Education in Childhood and Adolescence. (Only available in German)

Zoo School Landau