Information on the Tandem Program

What is the tandem program?

The tandem program is a form of self-directed language learning. It allows students with different first or native languages to connect and to mutually advance their respective foreign language skills. 


  • Flexible regarding time and place 
  • Insight to new and different cultures
  • Get to know new people 
  • Able to choose your own topics, contents and activities 

How does it work? – An example

Lina´s mother tongue is German, and she wants to improve her English skills. Unfortunately, she is not able to attend an English course due to time issues. Therefore, she enrols in the tandem program. Through the program she is able to find a native speaker of English who wants to advance her German language skills. Now, both of them are able to improve their skills, and they can do it on their terms and develop the learning process together. 


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